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Big Carl & Joanne at our monthly fundraising BBQ

Welcome to North East Victoria and Southern NSW community radio station. We play many genres of music from old classics to today’s hit and promote local artists to give them the opportunity to be on the air.

OAK FM is also proud to bring you live local football & netball broadcasts. So whether it is tuning in for the Aussie Rules Footy, netball or local sports updates or listening to some of our amazing local muso’s, you are sure to be entertained at OAK FM.



Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin together
Bonzo Vanty

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Support local Muso’s

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Any idea how much money was raised by local muso’s who raised money for family last Sun at Wang Club ?

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Blue Suede Shoes – ELVIS PRESLEY (1956)

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Well done to Michelle and all the fabulous muso’s for organising and playing benefit concert tonight at the Wang Club. Fantastic fundraiser for a good cause.

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It’s all happening tomorrow at the Wang Club for Wangaratta’s 4 children left behind. Please get behind this event, as we are, and come along.
If It’s not possible for you to be there then be sure to listen in from 4pm Sunday for our LiVE BROADCAST on OAK!

4 Wangaratta Kids Left Behind – Fundraiser

May 21, 2017, 11:30am – May 21, 2017, 8:00pm

Wangaratta Club Inc

Bands “band” together for the four kids who lost thier parents tragically on Anzac Day.

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OAK FM 101.3% L😜 CAL.
For all community events, post em here.

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😜 Yep, that’s why we love OAK 101.3 Classic FM . 😜

Do you agree? Pass it on.

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Happy Mothers day to all mums out there. Have a great day

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