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Community Radio from Wangaratta, Victoria

Big Carl & Joanne at our monthly fundraising BBQ

Welcome to North East Victoria and Southern NSW community radio station. We play many genres of music from old classics to today’s hit and promote local artists to give them the opportunity to be on the air.

OAK FM is also proud to bring you live local football & netball broadcasts. So whether it is tuning in for the Aussie Rules Footy, netball or local sports updates or listening to some of our amazing local muso’s, you are sure to be entertained at OAK FM.


Oak Fm 101.3 shared Knowledge is Power‘s photo.

Every time I’m having a bad day all i need to do is listen to my favorite music and suddenly my spirits are up again. :-)

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Have a great start to your day on OAK 101.3 Classic FM…….

Which of these #1 Hits is your favorite? Tell us below

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Supporting local talent

Hi Everyone.
I have just been confirmed to play on the deck at Intermezzo Cafe on Friday 23rd February from 6.30pm. Love to see you there.

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Happy 56th Birthday to Axl Rose from all of us at DoYouRemember. Are you a fan of GUNS N’ ROSES(AXL ROSE)?

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Thank you for the posts, texts and phone calls about
" My Town …El Dorado".. Looks like it was a success and many more to come. Great work everyone !

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First " My town " segment went to air today featuring El Dorado. Great narration and very informative. Keep tuned in to hear lots of exciting info on history and what’s on offer from our local towns. Many more segments to come……..😜

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Oak Fm 101.3 shared Agree Again‘s Perfect❤.

Make sure to like the page Agree Again if you liked the song.

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